City Council to consider design for Town Square and updated design of overlooks & streetscapes

At its September 20 meeting, the Landmarks Commission reviewed and approved a Certificate Of Appropriateness for the modified design for Town Square with the following 4 conditions of approval:

  1. Retain all of the existing brick work
  2. Reduce the number of Western Sycamore trees in each row of the north and south allees from the proposed 6 trees per row to 4 or 5
  3. Minimize the amount of decorative grasses in the lawn areas
  4. Retain the existing accessible ramp and planter configuration and replicate it exactly on the north side of the City Hall entry.

The park design team carefully reviewed the 4 conditions and modified the Town Square plan as much as possible in response.  Because the design response is not completely compliant with the conditions of approval, City Council will consider an appeal at its October 25 meeting. The Recreation & Parks Commission will review the revised plans on October 20 and make recommendations to City Council.

On September 19, the Architectural Review Board approved the revised design for the overlook structures in Palisades Garden Walk. On October 25, the revised design will be presented to the City Council along with plans for the Main Street and Ocean Avenue streetscapes adjacent to the project.

See the City Council agenda for staff reports (Items 6A & 8A).