One of the biggest challenges of preparing the site for construction involved safely relocating existing trees. Some were boxed up and moved to the picnic area in the northeast corner of the park, creating a shady canopy and blocking sound from the I-10 Freeway.
 Lift off (photo by D. Zimmerman)
 A group of trees located in the center of the site along Main Street, affectionately known as the '3 Amigos' were relocated. This is the first amigo on a flatbed.
 The second Amigo on the move
 The last amigo on the move...
 Additional smaller trees were boxed with care and either reused on the site or relocated to other public spaces.
 This ficus found a new home across the street next to City Hall
 As part of the project, the ivy-covered slope between City Hall and the freeway was cleared out, revealing neat terracing
 The parking lot surface was torn up and put into mounds.
 Looking good!
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