About Tongva Park

1615 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Tongva Park is divided into 4 main sections: Observation Hill, Discovery Hill, Garden Hill, and Gathering Hill. It features a native and locally-appropriate sustainable plant palette that changes subtly with the seasons. The dramatic topography of rolling hills and braided paths inspired by the arroyo wash landscape makes the park feel much larger than 6 acres, accommodating a range of uses that benefit the health and wellbeing of community members and visitors of all ages.

The park name celebrates of the rich culture and traditions of the indigenous Tongva people who have lived in this region for thousands of years, and were deeply connected to the original arroyos, native landscape, springs, and the 'breath of the ocean' that are symbolically represented in this park. 

About Ken Genser Square

1685 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Ken Genser Square is essentially the front lawn for Santa Monica's City Hall. The design reinvigorated this area, creating an welcoming entrance for visitors to City Hall. Integrated seating, shade trees, and gentle topography invites people to stop and enjoy a moment of respite. A central, babbling brook-like water feature and runnel visually and thematically connects Ken Genser Square with Tongva Park, located across the street. 

The space was dedicated in honor of former Santa Monica Mayor Ken Genser, whose leadership, vision, and legacy can be felt throughout the community. As a lifetime Santa Monica resident, Ken began his 30-year public service career as an appointee to a City Task Force working to revise the Housing Element in 1980. Ken served on Santa Monica City Council for 21 years, including 3 terms as Mayor and 2 as Mayor Pro Tempore. During this time, he was a leader on issues including affordable housing and tenant protection, land use and zoning policies, environmental quality, workers rights, public parks, public safety, and education.