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Family Saturdays: Music of the Ancient Americas with Martin Espino

Tongva Park Family Saturdays kicks off with a performance by musician and instrument maker, Martin Espino, one of the world's foremost experts on music of the Ancient Americas. Families are invited to both listen and learn, as Espino performs traditional songs from Ancient Mexico and South America, and shares his unique instruments. 

Rain sticks, flutes, ocarinas, water drums, panpipes. Over the past 48 years, Martin Espino has been building these instruments and others like them in order to continue the bygone musical traditions of indigenous Mexico and the Ancient Americas.  Both a performer and a teacher, Espino has built or helped others build over 60,000 instruments on his own or in his community workshops.  That number is not a typo.  It would be difficult to find someone who knows more about this culture. 

Bring your family and come out to Tongva Park to listen and learn from this unique performer and educator.