Palms trees on the move

Seventeen non-native Washingtonia robusta palm trees currently located on the future park site are being  relocated at a rate of 4-5 per day to Santa Monica's Woodlawn Cemetery, Mortuary and Mausoleum. The future park is located within the Coastal Zone and is therefore subject to California Coastal Commission oversight.  Park plans prepared by the project designers, James Corner Field Operations, were approved by the Coastal Commission during its meeting in July; however, the Commission specifically noted that non-native invasive palms (Washingtonia) on the site could not be relocated on the site or within the coastal zone.  Woodlawn Cemetery is well outside of the coastal zone. The Washingtonias will be scattered at various locations inside the cemetery grounds including along Maple Avenue and 15th Street. 

palm lift.jpg

Photo courtesy of the Santa Monica Daily Press

Large thicker trunked Canary Palms are also being moved, but these are being located to their final destination within the new park design.  A nice cluster of Canary Palms will be seen near the NW park entrance.