Community Participation 

A diverse group of community members contributed throughout the course of the project in a variety of ways, including a series of well-attended and highly-participatory workshops where the project team, City staff, elected & appointed officials, and general public rolled up their sleeves and dove into various aspects of the project design. Full presentations for each workshop (and more) are available in the Project Library.

Workshop #1: Exploring the Site

May 2010

Participants were invited to experience the project site to gain first-hand knowledge of its opportunities and challenges. Activities yielded meaningful input from community members of all ages. Visit the Project Library for the full presentation.  

Workshop #2: Concept Designs

September 2010

James Corner Field Operations and the design team presented early design concepts to a packed house. Participants engaged in lively small group discussions and shared their insights in a variety of ways. Visit the Project Library page for the full presentation.

Workshop #3: Schematic Design

November 2010 

Refined designs were presented and discussed at the third community workshop. Visit the Project Library for the full presentation.

Workshop #4: Sustainable Landscapes

January 2011

A 3-part presentation on environmentally sustainable landscapes was followed by Q&A. Visit the Project Library for the full presentation. 

Workshop #5: Design Development

February 2011

The fifth workshop focused on design development, and included a special meeting of the Recreation & Parks Commission. Visit the Project Library for the full presentation.