Limited number of Tongva Park benches now available!

Customizable plaques make this an excellent opportunity to commemorate a special event or person. 

Custom teak benches are located throughout Tongva Park

Custom teak benches are located throughout Tongva Park

A new opportunity for fans of Tongva park to show their support for the park.  Benches located in prime spots throughout Tongva Park are now part of the City's Give Santa Monica program.  In exchange for a donation of $3,150, donors are able to customize a plaque to be permanently placed on their selected bench.  This is an opportunity to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, honor a friend or family member, or memorialize a loved one. 

In line with the park's celebrated, modern design, the plaques have been custom-designed for Tongva Park's wood benches.  Personalized messages will be etched into elegant stainless steel plaques, chosen for its ability to stand the test of time. There are a limited number of benches open for purchase, with locations on a first come, first serve basis. 

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Questions? Please contact the City of Santa Monica's Community & Cultural Services Department by email at or phone at 310-458-8310.